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This book will be released in September 2015, and is already attracting comments and reviews from early readers. As others come in, we will add them here.

Comments and Reviews: Save the Dreaming:

Rescue Aboriginal culture and make Australia greatToby Morris publishing professional:
This book is unlike anything I’ve read before. Save the Dreaming is beautifully written, lyrical and lucid in its story of Aboriginal life and brutally honest in its description of the impact of the British invasion more than 200 years ago.
Brian Morgan argues for an inclusive republic that has Aboriginal people at its heart, surrounded by the more than 200 cultural groups now in Australia. This is one part of his four-step plan to “save the Dreaming”.
His arguments for all four steps, which, he says, must be synchronized and run together, are compelling and, I believe, could well be the breakthrough needed in Australia’s history.
I highly recommend it.

Kyle Everingham, author and book reviewer:
Save the Dreaming is a very unusual book and an important book for Australia. Every Aussie should read it (the eBooks and PDF versions are free through the author’s website).
Brian Morgan wants to create a Save the Dreaming Team, made up of indigenous and non-indigenous Australians to push politicians to adopt his “synchronized” four-step plan. He wants everyone to be part of the “best team in the country” and to help change history forever.
The book is very well written by an award-winning journalist and author and it has given me a totally new perspective on Aboriginal problems in this country and on the need for a republic to start at the end of the Queen’s reign.
Intriguing and very well researched, this is a good read and deserves to be read and acted upon.

Name withheld by request, Aboriginal elder:
For a long time now, I’ve been thinking we get nowhere with all our Aboriginal problems by doing one thing at a time. We never get that one thing finished and we’re off to something else and nothing ever gets done and finished. This Save the Dreaming book covers pretty well everything we as Aboriginal people want and it wants it all solved at the one time. I don’t think we’ve had a plan like this before to change everything. I just asked for a short version of the book because I’m not much of a reader, but I’m glad I read this. I think we all should read it.

Freda Hollingsworth, author and book editor:
Written by a genuine writer and well researched, Save the Dreaming is the breakthrough book Australia, and especially our Aboriginal people, have long awaited.
Please – read this book. Brian Morgan knows his stuff and his heart is in the right place. How often do we get a chance to change the horrible bits of our history?

Bill Templeton, journalist and book reviewer:
Two hundred years of abuse and stolen children and stolen land and hell on earth for Aboriginal people, and here’s a way to end it all quickly, simply and sensibly. In Save the Dreaming, author Brian Morgan has offered a breathtakingly simple way to reconciliation for the blackfella and absolution for the whitefella. Why has no-one thought if this before? This is a game-changer and we all should read this book. Every Australian, black or white.

Yarn Yanko, book publishing professional:
I am not Australian, but I know the author and recognise a damn good book when I read one. Save the Dreaming is very well written, well thought out and, it seems to me, a genuine blueprint for Aboriginal and Australian future history. As a writer myself, I think Brian Morgan is nuts to give away free eBooks and PDF versions of this book, but I do see he is really keen to have Aussies read it.

Grahame Kellet, editor and book reviewer:
I believe every Australian has a duty to read the book that could correct 200 years of abuse of our Aboriginal people. Save the Dreaming has a long-awaited plan and will change your mind about Aboriginal people. Check it out on Brian Morgan’s website and the Facebook page at Savethedreaming. Our history has a serious defect, and the book shows how to fix it. Brilliant.

Antoinette Schokman-de Silver, author and publishing professional, on LinkedIn:
The world thanks you for your life-changing stories.

Name withheld by request, community leader:
Your feelings are shared by most in this community and it’s time someone stood up to say what we all feel. We need our leaders to see that we want something better. We need them to see with your vision and your ideals.

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