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Two great books to read during the COVID pandemic

Brian Morgan BooksAfter the Storm: This book is actually designed to change your life. It’s for those of us who realise that our old normal life was not so great and we deserve better.

We can’t all change the world, but we can change our little corner of it and make life better and happier for us and our families.

Many books are being published about life after the pandemic, but they focus on the big picture. They talk about international trade and travel, about the economy, about national recovery. This book’s focus is on US, you and me, as individuals.

How can life be better for us and our families beyond COVID-19?

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Live to Write: Survive the Solitude - and ThriveLive to Write: Written by writers for writers, this is a unique examination of how we can survive our alone time in our caves and thrive.

Solitude is normal and necessary for writers, even without a pandemic, so we have to know how to handle it and produce our best work.

More than 200 writers in Live to Write tell how to lift writing skills to the next level with ideas that made the masters great.

Here, you’ll find simple ways to make your prose soar and make it memorable. Every writer’s secret wish is to be remembered. This book points the way.

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Brian Morgan’s authentic life of service

Brian Morgan

Brian Morgan

Brian Morgan is an award-winning author in the tradition of some of the all-time favorite storytellers. This site, Brian Morgan Books, is where you’ll find stories to touch lives; stories that make a difference.

Brian publishes a range of books that look at life from a unique perspective. Each book and each story is written in an easy-read, feel-good style. He uses stories to offer special value, practical solutions and a better, more abundant life.

All of his books are based on high ideals, personal values, honesty and integrity. All demonstrate a love of humanity and an ardent desire to leave the world better than he found it.

Brian Morgan has an enviable record as a journalist and an author, as international and national awards, widespread testimonials and international reviews clearly demonstrate.

Explore the site. Tell us what you think. Contribute. Contact the author. Tell us your stories. This site is ABOUT Brian Morgan and his books, but it is FOR you. Enjoy.

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