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Brian Morgan

Brian Morgan

Brian Morgan is an award-winning author in the tradition of some of the all-time favorite storytellers. This site, Brian Morgan Books, is where you’ll find stories to touch lives; stories that make a difference.

Right now, his Christmas books are flowing out as Christmas gifts for loved ones. They grow more popular every year. Details are on the Published Books page.

What will you get out of Brian Morgan’s books? Well, this bestselling author touches people in different ways. Each reader comes with his or her own expectations and Brian Morgan publishes a range of books that look at life from a unique perspective.

Each book and each story is written in an easy-read, feel-good style. The author uses stories to offer special value, practical solutions and a better, more abundant life.

His body of work is an eclectic one. All of them are based on high ideals, personal values, honesty and integrity.

All demonstrate a love of humanity and an ardent desire to leave the world better than he found it.

Brian Morgan BooksAs each book becomes available in Brian Morgan Books, you’ll see links to the story of the book, reviews, how to get it (in print or eBook) and more. You’ll also find ways you can help Brian spread the word about the books you like.

Brian Morgan has an enviable record as a journalist and an author, as national awards, widespread testimonials and international reviews clearly demonstrate.

He has created sell-out best-sellers in Australia, the US and the UK, and his work has been translated for Vietnamese, Chinese and Japanese readers.

He is devoting the rest of his life to helping people through his skill with the quill and Brian Morgan Books.

Explore the site. Tell us what you think. Contribute. Contact the author. Tell us your stories. This site is ABOUT Brian Morgan and his books, but it is FOR you. Enjoy.

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