Save the Dreaming

Rescue Aboriginal culture and make Australia greatSave the Dreaming was launched in September 2016 and sets out what author Brian Morgan calls a synchronized four-step plan to rescue Aboriginal culture and make Australia great.

Editorial reviews have called this book a “game-changer” and a “breakthrough” in the long fight for Aboriginal rights and in the fight for a republic in Australia.

Brian Morgan starts Save the Dreaming with a series of questions that set the tone for the book:


The Aboriginal people of Australia have struggled for more than two centuries for justice in their own land and for an end to abuse. They have fought for an apology for stolen children and stolen land, for recognition, reconciliation, a treaty, constitutional change, for land rights and more.
What if we could resolve all of these matters in one fell swoop, once and for all?
What if, in doing so, we could make Australia a truly exceptional place on the world stage, admired everywhere for our compassion and our wisdom?
What if Aboriginal people, for the first time in more than two hundred years, could feel honoured and accepted and recognized. What if we could start to mend broken hearts?
What if every living Australian could achieve a sense of self-worth and pride in righting the wrongs committed for so long?
What if we could do all this and much more with one simple plan?
What if…
Come. Please. I have stories and a vision to share with you.

Save the Dreaming

After 228 years and endless talkfests about land rights, a treaty, reconciliation, recognition, constitutional change and all the rest, Aboriginal people have achieved virtually nothing. Save the Dreaming says this is because we have never had a plan to correct all of this.

Save the Dreaming says we need a new mindset and a plan, and both are offered here.

Brian Morgan says he desperately wants people to read Save the Dreaming, so much so that, while he can’t give away the paperback version, he is making eBooks and PDF files available free of charge for anyone and everyone to claim – individuals and libraries.

All the details are on this website and there is also a Facebook page at Savethedreaming. He wants people to talk about Save the Dreaming and to spread the word about it, because, he says, this is an opportunity for every living Australian to change our history and right the wrongs of more than 200 years.

The book has been formally launched soon, and it is available now.

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