After the Storm

Reviews for After the Storm: A Better Life Beyond COVID

Published by The Writers Trust 2020.
Comments from readers and publishing professionals

These remarks are from early readers. Others will be added as they come to hand.

Brian Morgan Books

After the Storm

Well, I’ve read all of your books and I think this is the best you have written. Well thought out and wonderful advice for all of us trying to make sense of the pandemic and life afterwards. Your books are usually targetted to specific groups of people, but this is for all of us. Everyone who wants peace of mind and a better life would do well to read After the Storm.
J.M. Reader and editor.

There are books starting to appear about life after COVID, but they all focus on the big picture. They talk about the economy, jobs, travel or a new world order. But none of them talk about us, you and me – individuals. This talks about how WE can face the future with optimism, with clarity, with purpose and with hope. It’s a damn good read. People should talk about this around the kitchen table.
Blake Henry. Journalist/reviewer.

In the hustle and bustle of normal life, there are many things we should think about, but don’t have time for. This pandemic has given us unexpected time to think about the future. As so often happens, Brian Morgan has started the conversation with his latest book, After the Storm. He talks about simplifying life and dropping our baggage. He talks about living with principles and values. He thinks we should seek happiness and make it our business to help others. In fact, he suggests the best way to find happiness is through our acts of kindness, through helping others. If we thought about Brian’s suggestions and tried to live them, we’d surely create an authentic, meaningful life for ourselves and our families. He writes about his own simple but effective philosophy of life that would certainly make the world a better place if more of us adopted it. I think we all should read it.
Sally Hooper. Journalist and reader.

Of all the thousands of words written and spoken about this horrible virus, the easy-to-read words in this book could turn out to be the most important for us as individuals. The author, Brian Morgan, keeps his word. He promised a better life beyond COVID and has now offered it, plain and simple. I really recommend it for family discussion.
B.J. Templeton. Blogger and reviewer.

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