Testimonials for Brian Morgan

What Others Say:

Testimonials and endorsements for Brian Morgan and his writing have accumulated over the years and include:

On non-fiction writing:

Can Le Dang, publisher, Chuong Saigon:
… Refreshing, commendable writing that offers solutions. I would like to meet with you to discuss translating your writing for Chinese and Vietnamese readers.

Val Taranto, teacher:
You encourage youngsters to maintain faith in their ideas and develop the necessary skills, attitude and curiosity to lead to their fulfillment.

G. Conyngham, writer:
You have gained a reputation for quality articles that are easily understandable. You are setting a wonderful example for other writers.

Delia E. Atcheson, freelance writer:
… friendly, motivating, extremely stimulating, interesting and practical.

David O’Brien, FCC Counseling Centre:
I commend you on the relevance, clarity and interest of your articles.

Paul Stevens, author and director, the Centre for Worklife Counseling:
I’m recommending your work to participants in my training courses.

Rev. T. Allingham, Sydney:
Your wonderful, brilliantly thought out article, The Four Most Important Days in the History of the World, opened my eyes and those of my congregation when I read it out to them. Easter will never be quite the same for us again. We were quite moved. I hope you will allow me to use it in our church every Easter.

Dr William C. Dwyer, Melbourne:
Superbly well done. Your practical, useable advice will certainly be put to use here. I used a few minutes at Melbourne Airport to save money using your guidelines.

Name withheld by request, Campbelltown:
I would like to thank you for your editorial comments. Your feelings are shared by most in this community and it’s time someone stood up to say what we all feel. We need our leaders to see that we want something better for our community. We need them to see with your vision and your ideals.

Helen Higgins, Bradbury:
I would like thank you personally for the help and support you have given over the years to myself and the Spastic Centre and those who raise much-needed funds for Cerebral Palsy.

Judges praising a national award-winning newspaper editorial:
The award goes to editor, Brian Morgan, for an editorial that dealt with air pollution. Interestingly written in the vernacular style of a fable, the editorial pointed out the deficiencies of government policy and the result of that policy on people. The paper took an initiative which resulted in a change of government policy. The editorial did what all good editorials should do, it got results.

On the novel Jude:

Clare Mendes, author and Fellowship of Australian Writers president and national literary awards coordinator:
It gives me great pleasure to inform you that your manuscript entitled Jude has received first prize in the FAW Jim Hamilton Award [open to novels and books of poetry published or unpublished in the year of competition]. Congratulations on your success.

Archimede Fusillo, author and judge of the FAW Jim Hamilton Award:
A very accomplished piece of writing that sustained the interest of the reader throughout. Polished in style and execution, seamlessly weaving fact and fiction to tell the story of a man beyond time and place. A captivating journey back in time.

The late Jane Jordan Browne, literary agent, Chicago, in a phone call to Sydney:
This is such a good concept, Brian. It’s 1.30am here and I’m sitting up in bed, reading. I couldn’t put it down. You have a gift with words and a story that’s never been told, but should be. I happen to know there is a huge market waiting for this book. I know you haven’t quite finished the project yet, but I would like to work with you to complete it and I would like to send you a contract. I would love to handle this book.

Jeffrey Essman, Doctor of Divinity:
The novelization of the life of Jude is a very good idea. He is one of the most popular of the saints, and the market for such a book might therefore be considerable.

Brendan Longcore, book editor, reviewing part of the draft manuscript:
…I think the tiger stare-down is excellent – the highlight of the story so far. You do a very good job of painting bleak scenery in the towns Jude visits, and the interesting characters he meets. The reader gets a wonderful sense of actually witnessing the gospel being spread, and the struggles the apostles went through to do it. The reader sees how Jude’s unique personality influenced the way he went about his work. You also paint the conflict between the cultures quite vividly, a technique which is necessary to show Jude walking into a spiritual and physical battlefield… You have impressed me with the evidence of very thorough research. You have found a popular topic to start bringing to light. It is a fascinating topic very well handled. I don’t very often get this excited about a work in progress.

John Collins, editor, former publisher and friend:
I’d expect this from you, Brian. Good stuff.  Jude has the potential to be big, very big. It’s too big for just the market here [Australia] – you have to get it onto the world stage. This is such a good concept and you are the bloke to do it justice. I hear you won a big FAW gong. Well done.

Vera Thompson, former editor and book publisher:
Good religious books are always in demand, particularly if they are well-written and the premise is sound and logical, as yours is. Your style is polished and easy to read.

R. Warren, literature reviewer:
Based on what I’ve read so far, I certainly urge you to finish this book. I believe it will be a winner and very well received. You have chosen a subject worthy of your efforts. The start you have made, plus your background, promises a very well-written book. Five star so far.

Joyce Patterson, reviewer and former editor:
I love what you have written. So many cultures, so much research… my God. Many, many people have waited a long time for this story. Jude is so popular, as the Saint of the Impossible and the Patron of Desperate Cases, all over the world that your book cannot fail to sell everywhere. And it’s not just the story… you write so very, very well.

On The Legend of the Christmas Prayer

(Thomas Nelson, 2002):

The late Jane Jordan Browne, literary agent, Chicago.
I want to thank you for the present of  The Legend of the Christmas Prayer. I believe it has excellent commercial value. We all took turns reading a section at Christmas Eve, where we had 20 members of the family present in California. Everyone was impressed and moved.

Terri Gibbs, Project Editor, Thomas Nelson.
A beautiful and unique Christmas book with a beautiful message and wonderful potential. I wanted to let you know that our first print run is now at 100,000 and rising. This is absolutely astounding for a first print run from an unknown author here! God definitely has His hand on that little book. We owe immense thanks to you for writing this wonderful book. People keep falling in love with it. You have been a most agreeable author (the kind we especially like, by the way). This is a rare book that’s destined to be a classic.

Evelyn Purdy, presenter/host, Radio WLJN:
The Legend of the Christmas Prayer is surely one of the finest little gems in Christian literature. It will give your loved ones not just a token of your love at Christmas, but something to carry them through the year. For each of the twelve days of Christmas, it offers readers a priceless, intangible gift. I really loved the book and the artwork. It is truly unique and will touch readers everywhere. Christmas has become so materialistic it’s sad. It’s nice to see something like this to remind us that it’s not the “things” we give that are important.

Bob Souer, Senior Producer, BGEA, Decision Today Radio, USA:
This is a beautiful book, a beautiful story. It will resonate with our Decision Today Radio audiences really well.

The late Jane Jordan Browne, literary agent, Chicago.
Your reading of The Legend of the Christmas Prayer is major news here and wonderful for us all. It has been aired on Billy Graham’s radio program, which reaches millions all over the world. I am so pleased that you seized this sensational opportunity. Many congratulations on your success. I have always loved this book.

Shiloh Gideon, presenter/host, BGEA, Decision Today Radio.
Your story is so meaningful, so inspired. Both your reading of The Legend of the Christmas Prayer and our interview sounded wonderful. We are being swamped with calls.

Michelle Orr, Associate Editor, Thomas Nelson.
We are getting letters from folks using your book at Christmas parties, programs at schools and churches etc. They all say such wonderful things about the book.

Scott Mendel, literary agent formerly in Chicago, now in New York.
Congratulations to you on the success of  The Legend of the Christmas Prayer. I’m not at all surprised to hear it did so well on the CBA bestseller list – I knew it would. I’m sure the little masterpiece will find readers for many years to come. I enjoyed working with you.

Terri Gibbs, Project Editor, Thomas Nelson.
Your book did great success last year at Christmas and will have another round of success this year [2003] in Hallmark stores as their premier Christmas title. The book is also in Lifeway, a large chain of Christian bookstores, and is promoted in their Christmas catalogue – so we will see more sales this year. It is also, of course, on the Thomas Nelson Christmas display, which will be up in many stores.

Michelle Orr, Associate Editor, Thomas Nelson.
As you know, your book, The Legend of the Christmas Prayer, has been licensed for foreign editions. Enclosed are copies of the finished Japanese edition. Thank you for the opportunity to represent your work and make quality publications available around the world.

Anne M. Spiller, Amazon reviewer, Ohio, USA.
Every Christmas, I try to find a book that will reflect the true meaning of the holiday spirit. Well, I found it in Mr Morgan’s book. In this world of trying to find the perfect gifts, we learn that the perfect gifts are those within us. Beautifully written and illustrated, the book is an easy read and a wonderful way to spread the true meaning of Christmas.

On short fiction:

Jenny Walters, writer, editor and judge in the FreeXpresSion Short Story Award (192 entries):
Very well written. I thought the rape scenes were extremely well told. Tender, brutal, honest. Good story.


Peter F. Pike, executive officer of Fellowship of Australian Writers and editor of FreeXpresSion literary journal and coordinator of its literary awards:
Well done! I deeply appreciate that your work set such a high standard in the award. I would like to publish it…

Peter F. Pike, who offered Brian Morgan the Contributing Editor role after his entry in the magazine’s literary awards.
My phone and email run hot with favorable comments and I am mighty pleased with your work as Contributing Editor of our inspiration pages. I look forward to working with you long into the future. You have already lifted the standards of this magazine. I feel that, under your direction, this feature will impact for good on many lives. Thank you.

Rosanna Verde, coordinator of the Glen Eire Literary Awards. The story was later commended and praised by judges and authors, Arnold Zable and Stephanie Holt:
Your story, Notebook for Mamma, has been short-listed in the My Brother Jack Short Story Award. Nearly a thousand entries from around the world were received in this category. Congratulations on being short-listed in this prestigious award… a wonderful achievement.

Testimonials for other writing

The late Jane Jordan Browne, founder, Multimedia Product Development, Inc, Chicago:
I have read  The Way of Peace: A Magi Story for Troubled Times and like this project very much. It will go with me to California for the holidays, as will  The Wedding Prayer. I expect wonderful things for both – and for the series you plan to follow The Wedding Prayer.

Teresa S. Grant, Associate Editor, Multimedia Literary Agents, Chicago.
The Saint of the Impossible, as a small gift book, is a wonderful idea. Jane (Jordan Browne) suggested including some first-hand accounts of people whose prayers Jude has answered.

LaVonne Neff, Loyola Press, USA.
I like the concept of The Saint of the Impossible. It certainly does have big sales potential.

The late Jane Jordan Browne, literary agent, Chicago.
I have such good hopes for The Saint of the Impossible. I think this is a book the Catholic presses will be very keen to grab.

Amy Harmon, Associate Editor, Multimedia Product Development, Chicago.
We have just received your query regarding You Are Already Rich and we are very interested to view the project. Please send it to us at your earliest convenience. We are very curious indeed.

Sarah Currer, editor, Multimedia, Chicago.
The idea of gifting intangible things to the reader is compelling. You Are Already Rich is light reading, yet very inspirational. I think there are wonderful lessons in this book through the words and stories from different parts of the world.

The late Jane Jordan Browne, literary agent, Chicago:
I read Wise Owl and the Very First Christmas over the Christmas holidays and loved it. I will get it out to publishers within the month. I tried the story out on the children in my family and it got the big thumbs up. Well done. I think we have another winner on our hands here.

Cassie Corrigan, Editor and Agent, MPD Literary Agency, Chicago:
Jane, Joanna and I have all read Wise Owl and the Very First Christmas and like it very much. We are all sure it, too, will be a big hit. Congratulations on your journey up the Best Seller lists (The Legend of the Christmas Prayer). I’m sure this children’s book will go the same way.

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