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Brian Morgan is a former business and thought leader, and a national award-winning journalist, editor and author. He lives with his wife, Judy, on the Central Coast of New South Wales, Australia, after living most of their lifetime in Sydney.

Brian’s current focus is as founder and CEO of PiPS, Professional Independent Publishing Standards, which launched worldwide in April 2017. Stage 2, involving a new range of author services will operate from January 2018.

Brian Morgan

Brian Morgan

Brian received a private school education through high school (school prize in Mathematics) and studied business, accounting and other tertiary courses, including applied psychology, media law, computer programming and IT, marketing and creative thinking through technical college, correspondence college and specialist colleges. He studied creative writing and journalism through correspondence college.

Since then he has served as a teacher at TAFE colleges, teaching writing and related subjects. He has also been a small business seminar leader, conducted workshops for entrepreneurs and others, and lectured to groups like the Fellowship of Australian Writers. He wrote a paper for the Australian Press Council Prize based on his experiences in journalism.

Brian was the founder of a number of businesses and institutions set up for charitable, educational and business purposes. He has had successful careers in business, journalism and as an author, and has now embarked on a fourth career move with Professional Independent Publishing Standards.

His first career was in business, where he chalked up a number of major achievements in national and multi-national companies. For example, he worked with the then State Finance Minister to initiate reform and restructure of the credit union movement in Australia, and encouraged and helped a major multi-national business restructure its operations and take over a company that was bigger than itself.

As an employee or as a consultant, he has experience in many industries, including insurance, finance and banking, manufacturing, distribution, computer industry, pastoral interests, advertising and marketing, service industries and the retail sector.

He has considerable experience and expertise in event organization and management.

His particular interest, however, has been small business and he set up a number of ventures over the years for himself and others. He founded businesses in many fields, including printing, publishing, event organization, marketing and consulting.

He also founded New Image Media Group and the Australian Institute for the Self-Employed to educate and train the self-employed and small business people through his writings. He wrote a Small Business Course that was studied by many business people around Australia.

However, writing was his first love and he gave up that successful career in business to learn the writing craft through journalism. His rise was rapid. He worked as journalist, sub-editor, editor, editor-in-chief, managing editor and manager on a range of mastheads in the Fairfax and Courier newspaper groups, winning numerous state and national awards in the process.

He also worked as owner and publisher on one regional and five national magazines and has served as contributing editor on an Australian literary journal. Three of his five magazines were national business magazines in Australia.

His writing has been highly acclaimed and translated for Vietnamese, Chinese and Japanese audiences.

A literary agent in Chicago, Jane Jordan Browne, managed to present only one of Brian’s projects, The Legend of the Christmas Prayer, to publishers before her sad and untimely death. The Legend became a best seller in America and Great Britain and was translated into Japanese, where it was also successful.

After Jane’s death, marketing was left in limbo, but now there are eight books in print and more eBooks, and he has published books for others. All of Brian’s books have been handled by The Writers Trust and have been independently published.

Brian Morgan has also served his local community in a range of capacities and has been a member and/or officer of  many  professional organizations.  Awards and testimonials can be found on this website.

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