The Writers Trust

The Writers Trust Connection:  Imagine this. You’re 14 years of age and you are obsessed with the idea of becoming a writer. You want to make a difference with your life.

Life rolls on. Things happen. Complications set in. The dream fades, but does not die. The years pass.

Finally, 22 years later, after a successful business career, you forge a chance to learn the writing craft. You work hard and learn well.

The years pass, by coincidence another 22 of them. This time they flow quickly. You have now earned the accolades and recognition that prove you are at the top of your profession as a journalist and writer.

Life is good, until the day you are retrenched at the age of 58. It’s not so easy to find work at that age.

But the whole episode comes as a “eureka” moment to you and you decide enough is enough. It’s time to follow the dream; to write full-time, for yourself. It’s time to write your own books.

And so, after 44 years of dreaming, you set to work. But it’s not easy.

Your health had already been falling apart and, within two years, you are formally classified as “disabled”.

With pain as a constant companion, you keep pushing out the words. If your hero, Robert Louis Stevenson, could write through pain, so can you.

Fast forward another 11 years, and you find you’ve completed 11 books and made extensive notes for others.

In the meantime, you’ve moved house twice, taken in and cared for terminally ill parents, been diagnosed with a string of extra medical conditions, faced serious family problems, coped with your father’s abduction and suffered through malicious litigation until cleared in a long and debilitating court process.

In a ray of hope, you find a visionary literary agent thousands of miles away, in Chicago. She manages to have one book published (The Legend of the Christmas Prayer) and it becomes a bestseller in hardback in the US and the UK and is translated into Japanese.

But, before she can deal with other books, this delightful lady is struck down by a devastating illness and is mourned by many around the world.

How do you cope with life and its twists and turns?

Well, in Brian Morgan’s case, he says it was easy: he had an angel by his side. He and his wife, Judy, have been married 50 years (April 6, 2013) and he credits her with their ability to overcome tears, to laugh at trouble and to “get on with it”.

But he did doubt that his books would ever see the light of day. Enter The Writers Trust.

Brian researched the Internet and the opportunities it presented for global publishing and decided Internet Marketing was the way to go for his books. He could introduce them at times to suit himself and the market and they would all have their chance in the sun.

The Writers Trust is a private trust, and Brian Morgan has assigned all proceeds to the Trust, to be handled in accordance with the Trust Deed. This includes exclusive rights to Intellectual Property associated with Brian’s books and his website. The Writers Trust intends to publish all of Brian Morgan’s books.

Costs associated with the website and with publication of the books will be met out of Trust income, and surplus income will be distributed in accordance with the Trust Deed.

Brian Morgan is a very private person and he has directed that the Trust treat distribution of its income as private. He is satisfied that his wishes in assigning his Intellectual Property to the Trust will be met by the trustees.

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